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Hi - I'm Rebecca Ramage! I grew up as a farm girl in Iowa. I know the real meaning of boot-strapping and hard work, which has gotten me to where I am today. I am a business owner and sales coach.  

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No one can exercise for you

Jun 20, 2019

I get it! In the middle of a nationwide quarantine, it’s harder than ever to get moving. Binge watching Netflix is a way easier to chose. Exercise is one of the only things in your life that you can’t outsource to anyone else. Having a healthy body to support my lifestyle goals is a priority for me, and I’ve learned some tricks for staying on track that I share in today’s video.

With all this together time at home it’s challenging!

It’s Ground Hog’s day. You remember the Bill Murray movie where he relives the same day over and over. Outside my morning tea, I have no routine. It was fun at first. The kids are sleeping in. I’m working from home. We are crushing home projects. Everything is great but little by little I’m losing my patience.

The other night my daughter came into my office and asked me a simple question. I snapped! At the moment I was not thinking clearly, my patience was gone, and I didn’t reply kindly. Clearly, it was not a great parenting moment. My behavior was completely out of character for me. As I reflect on my bad behavior I realize for me exercise is a huge piece of my SANITY.

Time to reset the goal!

I called my workout accountability partner, Julie. I need someone to help me stay on track and she is the perfect person. It’s hard trying to do it all from home; work, school, exercise, meal prep, relationships, and stay SANE. If you are like me you might need to pick up the phone and ask for help. Trust me your whole family will thank you.

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