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Right now, you’ve got so much to do, but none of it really excites you. You’re running around doing the same things as everyone else, and wondering “Is this it?”

You feel like there is more out there for you, but you’re stuck where you are and not sure how to change.

I totally get it. You, friend, are in the right place!

Hello Busy Lady!

“Of course, there's nothing wrong with bigger dreams. Just don't miss the minutes on your way toward bigger things. 'Cause these simple moments change the world.” – Josh Wilson, Dream Small (song)

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I always tell it like it is (and you probably already know this)... Living your dream isn’t going to be easy. It’s going to be challenging, but it’s WORTH IT!

If you want the “easy life” then you can stop reading right now. You’ve probably already got it. Taking the “easy route” turns out to be boring and un-memorable.

If you want something different, something rewarding, something inspiring… now we’re talking!  

If you want something different, something rewarding, something inspiring… now we’re talking!  

You're worth it

“Rebecca, You are the ball of fire I needed in my life. You have a gift. A gift of making everyone you meet feel special and loved. From a kick in the pants to a late night text of ‘You’ve got this.’ Thank you for believing in me!!”
 - Mary

“Thanks so much for being such an AMAZING Leader!! I love your enthusiasm, passion, fun personality and excitement that you bring to everything. You lead from your heart and I love that about you! I’m not sure mere words can really express everything you have done for me – Thank you!!”

“Thank you for your hugs, your smiles and cheers, your toughness, your feedback, your questions. Thank you for constantly seeking growth an knowledge. Thank you for seeing things in me when I can’t. Thank you for being you!”
- Morgan

"I'm so happy that you gave me an opportunity that I didn't even know I needed.  You have opened me up to see all the different possibilities that you can have in life, and for that I'm truly grateful."
- Michelle

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